Animated by the person of Jesus Christ and the teachings of St. Benedict, St. Agnes Academy, Inc. , a Filipino, Catholic and Benedictine institution nurtures a living, loving and learning community.

In so doing we hopefully form Christ-centered and socially-oriented Agnesians actively taking contributive role in the country’s social transformation.


As a Catholic School, SAA’s Vision starts with Jesus Christ as its foundation and inspiration.  Christ is the beginning and the end, the GROUND of every child’s being and should be the GOAL of all learning and seeking.  With Christ, all things become possible, without Christ nothing makes sense.  Jesus Christ is the fullness of Life.

Through a variety of programs and learning activities that integrate moral and religious formation, both mind and heart are developed in conformity with Christ, leading to growth, a conversion, a change that transforms persons and communities.

As a school SAA is intentionally directed to the formation of the whole person.  This formation is attentive to the intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional, social, cultural and creative dimensions of the human person. This holistic/integral education fosters education for justice and peace, care for creation, engaged citizenship, informed, intelligent and responsible involvement in society and responsible use of all forms of media.

This holistic formation is anchored on academic excellence not for its own sake but for social responsibility – that is to share in God’s concern for all reality – economic, political, social, ecological, religious – realities that are on their way towards fullness in God’s kingdom.


As a Filipino institution, SAA aims to instill in the young a deep respect and love for what is distinctly Bicol in particular and Filipino culture in general.  It should lead the young for love of country, participate in the attainment of national goals on genuine democracy, justice, peace, truth, and respect for human life and dignity.  It should move the young to initiate creative actions for justice and peace, care for creation, gender sensitivity, and responsible use of the created world God has gifted us.  It strives to mold them into critically aware and responsible agents of social transformation.


SAA is managed by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters, so it is also influenced by the Benedictine Spirit and charisma.  We live by our motto ORA ET LABORA (Pray and Work) the two pillars for the effective and efficient living of the Christian life and by the ten core values distilled from the Rule of St. Benedict – Benedictine Values or Ten Hallmarks of Benedictine Education namely: Community, Discipline, Hospitality, Stewardship, Humility, Obedience, Silence, Good Speech, Christ-Centeredness, and Stability.

These Benedictine values are Gospel values that St. Benedict culled or/picked up from the Gospels to assure its members of good and effective living of the Christian life.

The young Agnesian commits him/herself to receive, accept, proclaim and share Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

As a Filipino, Catholic and Benedictine institution, SAA seeks to instill in her students a love for learning and a desire for God. Learning is not just about acquiring facts or gaining technical knowledge, but more about growing in wisdom, understanding of the heart, in compassion and love. It is about working for a more just, peaceful, safe society for everyone to live in this world. It is uplifting the quality of life and respect for the poor, the deprived and the marginalized sectors of society.

Through its educational activity, SAA promotes and aids in the evangelizing mission of the Church. It guides the students to human and Christian perfection and helps them to arrive at the fullness of Christian life